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Gifts for Your Success: Day 3 - Affirmations

12 Days of Christmas

Day 3: Gift of Positive Affirmations

I mentioned in Day 2 that I added a third step to the “Burning Bowl” ceremony. You may want to consider this added bonus before you seal your envelope created from Day 2!

Once I set my intentions for the coming year, I have found that one way to increase and maintain a high of level of commitment is by using positive affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements to help us overcome the negative, self-sabotaging thoughts we may experience when trying new things. Affirmations are also an indispensable skill I was required to learn in my master coaching certification training.

I consider positive affirmations to be the same as the repetitive steps required in anything we commit ourselves. I view my affirmations as positive mental repetitions that reprogram my thought patterns so that over time, I begin to think and act in a more positive way. They provide focus and direction as well as influence my decisions and behaviors.

You can start writing your positive affirmations by reflecting on what you wrote in the second meditation from Day 2 regarding the life you want to experience in the upcoming year. Consider what you want and all behaviors you want to change and write positive statements in the present tense of how you see yourself after these changes have been made. Writing in the present tense will help you believe that it is already true in your life. The power of your positive affirmation lies in your belief that it is true and in its repetition.

Positive affirmations can be more effective when some element of emotion is applied. I prefer to make a recording of mine and I listen to my recording daily. My affirmations can be recorded on my iPhone for easy access. I record my affirmations in a narrative format, then write positive statements and post them in appropriate spots to serve as my reminders.

After recording your affirmations you might find the following five steps helpful:

  1. Describe how you will use your positive affirmations.

  2. Write positive reminders to yourself and post sticky notes as reminders.

  3. Where will you post your reminders?

  4. What are your actions steps now?

  5. When will you get started?

An example of some of my affirmations set for January 1st:

  • I replace fear with love.

  • I ask for help when I need help.

  • I draw from my inner wisdom and strength.

  • I am unique and intentional in my creativity.

  • I am enough.

May the gifts of joy, peace and happiness be yours this holiday season. Make sure to check out Day 4 for the next gift to your success.

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