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How to Mind Your Gaps

And the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows. ---Audrey Hepburn

I love this quote and it’s a great reminder for me when my gremlins come visiting.

I have a confession. Lately, I have been so focused on my work, which has involved lots of travel that I have let some of my goals slip. More specifically my healthy eating goal. I have had a good two months, but I am a little tired and mildly stressed. No pity partying for me, though. Time to think!

What will I do now? First, I will strive to put some strategies in place and move into this next season calmer, more rested, and minding the gaps (specifically mindful eating in my goals).

Let me introduce my R.I.S.E. model, so that you might join me in creating some structure around any gaps between what you want for YOU and what you currently have. Will you join me?

Awareness + Curiosity + Choice = Change

Using my “Awareness + Curiosity + Choice = Change” equation plus my R.I.S.E. model, here are steps you may find helpful. Although they may appear obvious and simple, they take time and some practice:

Awareness: R-Reflect on Learning. How we spend our time today determines what we have tomorrow, so we must be mindful of our choices. Looking back and reflecting on our choices is important because learning from our choices and experiences is critical for making course corrections.

What have you learned about the areas in which you should place more of your attention?

Curiosity: I-Initiate with Changes. Getting things in perspective and identifying areas of focus helps us decide what to say yes to and what to say no to. Sit in curiosity and determine which situations you could benefit from saying either yes or no more often.

Choice: S-Stretch in Actions. Each day is a fresh start. What choices can you begin making that set you up for the best possible tomorrow?

When will you take necessary actions?

Change: E-Embrace New Behaviors.

What behaviors or habits do you want to change, eliminate, or acquire? What are some ways you can make your next 30 days awesome?

Begin saying Yes to what matters and No to the rest. Dream big!

Make a list of three positive things you will do this week to R.I.S.E and put your new learnings into actions and positive behaviors.

Don’t forget to celebrate when you reach the top of the stairs! Get ready to climb the stairs again.

I wish you Intent Awareness, Innate Curiosity, and Best Choices for Meaningful Change.

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