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How to Move Insights into Actions when Receiving Feedback

Many challenges arise when we are receiving feedback, personally and professionally. I find they often come from our lack of ability to pause and reflect on the comments. Instead, we choose to sit in assumption rather than sitting in curiosity. As adults, we tend to lose our ability to ask open questions because our curiosity diminishes and as a result, certain behaviors begin to emerge in our personal and professional relationships.

The simple act of not sitting in curiosity has its consequences. My strategic partner illustrates sitting in assumption as traveling down the “Highway to Hell." Fast, furious, and dangerous. He illustrates sitting in curiosity as climbing the “Stairway to Heaven.” The "Stairway to Heaven" takes more time and effort because it requires curiosity and open questions which lead to wise decisions and actions.

“Listen to feedback with curiosity and turn your insights into actions.”---Margi Bush

Would you like to avoid common mistakes in your ability to receive feedback? If so, read on!

Using my “Awareness + Curiosity + Choice = Change” equation here are some steps you may find helpful when receiving feedback from others. Although they may appear obvious and simple, they take some practice.

Awareness + Curiosity + Choice = Change.

Awareness: How am I responding to the feedback? What part of the feedback is accurate and useful for me? What are areas in which I should place more of my attention based on what I heard?

Curiosity: How can I sit in curiosity and ask myself reflective questions?

Choice: How likely is it I will climb the, “Stairway to Heaven”? How will I take time to pause and reflect on my feedback? How will I make meaningful choices?

Change: What behaviors or habits do I want to change, eliminate, or acquire based on my insights? What positive actions will I take?

Make a list of three positive things you will do this week based on your new insights discovered from feedback and put your new learnings into actions and positive behaviors.

I wish you a week of Intent Awareness, Innate Curiosity, and Best Choices for Meaningful Change.

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