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Gifts for Your Success: Day 10 - Feedback

12 Days of Christmas

Day 10: Gift of Feedback

When I began thinking about launching my own business, I was accepted into the Integrated Marketing Communications masters program at a local university. Before I ventured out on my own, I wanted a better understanding of brand identity and all those other marketing buzzwords I kept seeing on social media. My first class, Intro to Marketing Communications, dove into the 4 P’s of marketing but with a slight twist making the concepts different than in my undergrad marketing class.

In the class, I learned that the 4 P’s: Price, Place, Product, and Promotion applied to all brands, including my personal brand. I realized very quickly that I would need to begin thinking about myself as becoming a product my clients would want at a price clients would pay. For place, I'd have to consider where and how can I expand my reach? Oh and then there was promotion - how would I communicate the value of my services?

I knew if I wanted to interact with people and potential clients and give them reasons to maintain a relationship with me, I would need to increase my self-awareness and embrace the gift of candid feedback. Feedback is a valuable resource that helps us change our behaviors, actions, and mindset. It should be considered in all dimensions of our personal and professional endeavors. Keep in mind - you don’t need to be an external consultant to benefit from the gift of feedback. Change is possible when we seek and accept feedback and we recognize our need for making a change. Go for it!

Think of feedback as the fuel that drives your performance. When seeking feedback, think of these goals:

  • Gain insight on our blind spots

  • Get help and support while we overcome our obstacles

  • Validation of our knowledge, skills, and abilities

  • Obtain guidance on our areas for development

Intentional professional and personal growth requires carving out time for feedback. So, what’s the secret sauce in getting feedback? Our willingness to be open to it and the courage to seek our feedback from specific and qualified individuals. Here's what I found helpful:

  1. Make a list of five people you will contact for feedback.

  2. Look for individuals that differ in what they have to offer in terms of knowledge, skills, and experience.

  3. When you contact each person, be specific about your needs when asking for their feedback.

  4. Be open to their feedback, respect their time, and always say thank you.

I don’t know about you, but I really value other people’s perspectives and feedback. Feedback exposes me to other ways of thinking and pushes me to consider new ideas. Seeking feedback has been very important to my personal and professional development and I encourage you to request feedback for yourself.

May the gifts of joy, peace, and happiness be yours this holiday season.

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