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Gifts for Your Success: Day 1 - Clarity

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

12 Days of Christmas

Day 1: The Gift of Clarity

We've all heard this statement at least once, “Life is a journey; not a destination.” If you are anything like me, you've asked yourself:

  • Is this it?

  • What is the root of this feeling of being unsettled?

  • What is the reason I continue to have the same issues?

If you have asked these questions, my 12 Days of Christmas: Gifts for Your Success blog series is just for you!

As a leadership coach, I have found that one key reason clients seek a coaching relationship is to get a better perspective on their life. Many people feel they have lost perspective and are looking for a new approach. A coaching relationship involves elements of inquiry and curiosity, and can help us see things differently from a new point of view.

Don't have a coach to help give you a better perspective? Here are some things to ask yourself to get you started!

  1. What is important to you?

  2. What do you want?

  3. What are your obstacles?

  4. When faced with similar obstacles in the past, how did you overcome them?

  5. What are other options regarding what you want?

  6. Imagine yourself with the clarity you need to make what you want happen.

  7. What is one brave step you will take today?

I hope these questions help you arrive at a place of clarity and a better perspective. Looking for more gifts for your success? Check out Day 2!

I wish you assurance to act confidently in all you do. May the gifts of joy, peace, and happiness be yours this holiday season.

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